SZCG Held Its 2017 Annual Working Conference

2017-01-17  |  Scan :15891

Jan 10th, 2017, SZCG held its 2017 Annual Working Conference. Group leaders, menbers of the board, representatives from each department and subsidiary unit of the Group attended the conference.

The director of the board, Zhu Junming, gave a key-note speech named Change from Cocoon to Butterfly, including mainly two parts: Seeking Progress While Changing and Broking the Cocoon, Changing into Butterfly. Firstly, Zhu shared the cases of information integration and industrial transformation under Internet Plus background and analyzed the practice that traditional industries, through optimizing the industry chain allocation, formed new business pattern. He pointed out the inevitability and urgency for enterprises to change under new ecology of economic development. Secondly, focusing on the 7 breakthroughs for the 2017 National grain circulation deployed by the State Administration of Grain, Zhu analyzed domestic and overseas development environment for the grain industry. He pointed out that domestic grain price in line with internationla grain price will be the future development trend for the industry, and that domestically market-oriented reform of grain industry and the supply side structural reform of grain will bring new opportunities and challenges for the group.

Focusing on the theme of change, director Zhu reviewed SZCG's rapid development and transformation progress. He said that the group seized the direction of development, maintained the motivation of development, strengthen the control on risks, improved the efficiency of management, achieved the status of making progress while maintaining stability, seeking progress while changing, seeking innovation while changing, and kept sustainable development by serveral approaches such as implementing strategic planning, perfecting evaluation mechanism, regulating corporate governance and accelerating the building and applying of informationization. He concluded that we shouldn't cease nor relax confronting with the change of the grand environment, and that we should use stereoscopic thinking to innovate new pattern and broaden horizen. He emphesized that we should get down to the following things:the First is to implement reforms on the organization framework and cultivation of talents so as to make inner management more flexible, and to improve the competitiveness of small-scale units by exploring the narrow down of accounting units, regulating the mode of management and control in order to make our group a resource distribution and assisting platform and build a workforce of competitiveness and high quqlity; the Second is to continue to accelerate the pace the marketization. We should fasten the build of grain trade platform, the layout of grain logistics node and the consruction of grain bases. We need to explore the integrity of industry chain to form the accumulation of strengths and exploit new develoment space to grab resources in the grain market. By measures mentioned above, SZCG would realize the dream of making breakthroughs during transformation and realize sustainable development in the future.

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