Quality Inspection Center

As professional technical organization of grain and oil inspection, Shenzhen Cereals Quality Testing Co., Ltd. isreckonedas the Shenzhen National Cereals Quality Supervision Station. It has aquired professional qualification accreditations, such as Food Inspection Organization Qualification Accreditation Certificate and Laboratory Qualification Accreditation Metrological Authentication Certificate. It mainly undertakes grains quality inspection of both Shenzhen reserve grains and army provision ones when they are brought in and brought out of the storage; it also bears the responsibility of stocking and unprocessed grains’ quality , examination, quality observation and prediction, and sanitary conditions investigation, etc.

At present, testing center of the company covers over 600 square meters, and is divided into eight all-round professional inspection working areas. Both grains quality inspection technology and equipment of the company are in the leading position on the national level The detection center takes the lead in including hygienic indexes such as pesticide residue, heavy metal pollutant and fungaltoxin, and palatability value (taste) index into daily inspection, and has detectability of four indexes including grain routine quality, storage quality, hygiene and edible quality. The center can meet quality detection need with regard to grain and oil products, and it can accurately analyze nutritional ingredients and hygienic index content, scientifically evaluate storage quality and edible quality of grains.

Over 90 sets of equipments are in use, and the center is equipped with high performance liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph, atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer and other high-performance precise analysis inspection facilities, which can be used for chemical analysis and quality evaluation. The center carries out 111 metrological certifications (CMA/CMAF) testing items for six types grains and oil and products, including 30 items for rice, 15 items for wheat, 29 items for rice, 11 items for wheat flour, 16 items for edible oil and oil, and 10 items for corn. It can provide relevant professional technical service for society and issue inspection reports with legal effects.

Centering around testing, the company strictly follows its quality principle of “Fair, Accurate, Standard and Fast”, maintains scientificity of detection and accuracy of data, evaluates quality of grain and oil faithfully and objectively, and guarantees the detection quality.

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