Purchase&Sale Branch

Grain and Oil Purchase and Sale Branch Company is the branch company of Shenzhen Cereals Group Co., Ltd. and undertakes reserve rotation task of local rice in Shenzhen. Main business includes rice purchase and sakes. It purchases not only from domestic major grain producing areas like Eastern China and southern part of China, the Company , but also from foreign markets like Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Pakistan.

Rice can be classified as imported fragrant rice, white rice, sticky rice, northeast polished round-grained rice, and southern long-shaped rice, etc. Major cooperative clients include domestic and overseas large-scale cereal enterprise, such as China Oil and Food Import and Export Corporation, China Cereal Reserves Corporation, Yihai Kerry, ADM, Louis Dreyfus and Vietnam Northern Food, etc.

In recent years, Grain and Oil Purchase and Sale Branch Company vigorously promotes service-oriented business transformation, introduces butt joint type business on the basis of traditional self-support purchase and sale trade, develops multiple operation modes including orientation sales, agent purchasing and storage, storing grain into storage, cooperative sales, procurement service and adjusting cabinet, and has made preferable breakthroughs. In 2014, the butt joint business sales accounted for 50% of the company’s total sales volume. The customer service scope covers Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou and the perimeter area of Guangzhou.

Grain and Oil Purchase and Sale Branch Company implements enterprise mission of group “Serve The Society And Lead Healthy Life”, takes guaranteeing grain supply and grain safety as fundamental starting point and lifeline of enterprise operation, promotes quality control advancement and quality control monitoring under the background of frequent occurrence of food safety problems at present, and guarantees rice quality safety of supply market.

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