Army Provision Distribution Center

SZCG Distribution Center of Army Provisions bears the responsibility of army provisions supply for soldiers of PLA stationed in Hong Kong and Shenzhen and local edible oil reserves. Pursuing the operation principle of “Soldiers Orientation” and “Innovative Services, High-Quality Service, And Brand Extension”, the center provide excellent services to ensure the satisfaction of the arm and the reassurance of the government.

In the past two years, the center innovated management model of army provisions supply chain and storage logistics, built up RFID management of refined oil depot, grain logistics BI system, two-dimension code information traceability system for army provisions quality and grain supply chain management information system, promoted the informationization construction of army provisions, and strengthened the core competitive capacity. The center is evaluated as “Top 100 Army Provision Supply Station of National Grain System” by State Grain Administration, “Excellent Army Supply Station” by Food Bureau in Guangdong Province, and “Preferred Quality Supply Unit” by PLA Hong Kong Garrison for successive years.

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