Duoximi Company

Shenzhen Duoximi Business Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of SZCG,mainly dealing with own brand rice. Its self-developed e-commerce platform starts to run business in 2009, becoming the first B2C grain & oil company in China, which provides direct quality service to households.  

Through carefully selecting grain&oil products, combining 60-years industry resources and experience, and adopting the innovative direct sales mode of B2C, Doximi makes it possible to implement the whole-chain control covering seed selecting, breeding, storing, processing and distribution, offering the customers genuine, fresh and safe grain&oil products and  whole pack solution.

Goods like rice, oil, flour, noodles, organic coral cereals are just a click away. Via the Doximi website, customers can enjoy the brand-new shopping style that order online and have it delivered to the door.
Upholding the creed of “prime products, fresh to home”, Doximi has earned wide popularity and trust among the consumers, shaping fine corporate image. Since 2012, Doximi has opened the experience store called Doximi Mill, exploring the approch of developing the ecosystem of 020 community chain stores.

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